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Who is Synergyst?
Synergyst was started with you in mind. We began in the payroll administration business in 1995 and because of our constant contact with our client employee base of over 2,000 employees payroll, we heard the same repeated complaints about payroll providers from the CEO's, CFO's and controllers we were doing business with. Because of this we built our FlexPay business model with solutions to their problems. We give you the flexibility needed for your goals and objectives.

What are the advantages of using Synergyst?
Flexibility and cost savings. You can transmit your payroll to us by traditional methods such as fax or phone, but you also have the choice of processing though our secure Internet site. Our payroll software is available to be housed at your site also.

What ways can we transmit our payroll data to Synergyst?
We believe in flexibility, nobody wants to be backed into a corner. Therefore, we offer you the ability to transmit in several ways. You can use the more traditional methods, such as by phone or fax. Or you can transmit over our secure Internet site, which we believe is the way payroll will be processed in the future. And those who wish to have all their payroll information housed on site, software is also available.

How reliable is Synergyst?
One will not last long in the payroll administration business without being reliable. We started our companies in 1995 and serve over 2,000 employees payroll  across the country. Companies choose to use us because we are there for them when they need us most. Over 90% of our clients were referred to our firm.


What is the turnaround time from input to delivery?
In order to process your payroll accurate and timely we need to receive your payroll input data each pay period by noon, two days prior to your pay day. For example, if payday is on Friday, we will need the necessary data from you on Wednesday by 3:30 in the afternoon. On Thursday by 10:30AM you will receive your checks, check stubs and requested reports for distribution on Friday. It is that simple.

How are taxes paid?
941 federal tax deposits are paid through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), which requires companies with over $50,000 in employment taxes in a calendar year, as required by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These include taxes reported on form 940, 941 and 943. Also included electronically are forms 720, 945, 990-C, 990-PF, 990-T, 1042, 1120 and form CT-1. All state and federal unemployment taxes are paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, as required. These returns are balanced, reconciled, signed and filed with the appropriate parties. The W-2's are sent to the Social Security Administration by magnetic media.

How accurate are your calculations?
Our payroll software was designed to handle information and transactions for thousands of companies on a single system across the United States. We are constantly updating our software to make sure we remain accurate. Also, we receive quarterly updates for all state and local tax rate changes across the United States and currently process in all 50 states.


Does Synergyst assume liability for errors?
Yes. If taxes are mistakenly reported, we will assume the penalties for the errors, not you. It is our responsibility to take this function out of your office.

How are my employees paid?
Your employees can be paid by either a live check or through direct deposit via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Employees also have the ability to have portions of their pay deposited to different accounts and/or different banks via direct deposit. The ACH system is secure and beneficial to those employees who travel and are away from the office on payday.

How do I get my reports?

Again flexibility is offered to you. For companies who wish to transmit their data via phone or fax, five standard reports will be sent to you every pay period. These reports include payroll summary, payroll register, tax summary, bank reconciliation and employee direct deposit statements. Over 80 additional standard reports are also available at no additional cost.

For those who wish to transmit via the Internet, you can view your reports though a password protected page on our Internet site. This information can then be printed or imported as a text file into your word processor. We will also send you your requested reports every pay period at no additional charge.

Finally, for larger companies using our software on site, you can immediately access you information on your personal computer. This information will also be housed on our system via a direct connection to our computers. Again, we will also sent you your requested reports every pay period at no additional charge.

How about some references?
No problem. Please email us your request for references. Please include number of employees, complexity of current payroll and the type of business. Also include any information about your company that is unique or would be helpful to Flex-Pay in assisting you. We will then email you several references for you to contact. Over 90% of our current clients have came though referrals. Our references are our best form of advertisement.

I forgot the website link to key in payroll?
The website to key in the payroll is You will need to have your login name and password ready to successfully continue.

How hard is it to change payroll vendors?
Easy and seamless, If you are with another vendor, all we need is their last quarterly report and all payroll reports from the end of the quarter up to the last payday. We will transfer all this data onto our system, balance, reconcile and run a parallel to make sure our numbers match with your current numbers.

If you currently process your payroll onsite or through a local provider it is also easy. Just go to YOUR BEGINNING on our site and follow the directions. Many people are afraid to change, but nearly all of our client moved from one payroll carrier to FlexPay and have stayed with us because we make payroll easy.

Why should I leave our national payroll vendor?
Nobody likes to be treated like a number or nickeled and dimed. We provide superior service, greater flexibility and technology to you at a fraction of the cost of the national payroll providers. You will have a relationship with your contact at FlexPay and will always be treated friendly and fairly. Because we have built our company through referrals, which is reflective of our service not through multi-million dollar ad campaigns, we can pass our savings to you and provide the service you require.

Why should I leave my accountant who does my payroll?
Why would an accountant spend so much time and training to become a CPA and then process payroll? They do this as an extra function to try to attract clients and then make money off of other services. Most accountants have very limited software to process hundreds of payrolls, which reduces the costs to you. They also lack the electronic services such as direct deposit, batch processing and magnetic media. We specialize in processing payroll, not tax planning, estate planning or bookkeeping.

Why should I outsource my payroll?
Take a second to add up the real cost of processing your payroll in house. First you have an employee's wage, cost of ink, paper, toner, check stock, distribution, software, electricity, office space. In addition the time to update for federal, state and local tax and form changes. One can spend all their time simply trying to keep up with payroll. Today over 10% of companies outsource their payroll, in many major cities close to 40% outsource their payroll. If the largest companies in the United State outsource their payroll because of the savings, why shouldn't you?

How secure is FlexPay system?
Security is our highest priority and our system is as secure as today's technology allows. All available security devices, including password protection, two-way encryption, automatic input confirmation and Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) servers, are utilized. New technologies are added as they emerge. Keep in mind that our system is designed so that no money ever changes hands over the Internet. Live check or direct deposit pays employees. Payroll taxes are deposited electronically via the Internal Revenue Service's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

How safe is our company's information?
During account registration, all company and employee data is sent to us by registered mail. Following that, modifications are made as needed. We're using fax, phone, Internet or our payroll software to receive payroll input, not make electronic payments of any kind. Your people and your payroll taxes are paid using non-Internet-based methods. Every effort is made to keep all company and employee information confidential.

Is safety guaranteed on your system?
We can guarantee safety because no money will ever be conveyed over the Internet. Your employees are paid by live checks or direct deposit via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and your taxes are deposited via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

If you wish to receive information over the Internet, it will be sent to you in the form of encrypted datafiles accessed on our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server by entering your Company ID and Password. Only authorized users are allowed into the system. Companies prefer to use our system because their confidential information is housed off of their site on our servers.

In addition, our web server and payroll processing server are not connected in any way. They are protected by the best firewall of all, air. Files are sent to our web server are accessible only by our system administrator. Only after authentication and input conformation are the files processed. Every precaution is taken to maintain security and confidentiality.

Who has access to my account?
Only you and whom ever you authorize. Whether you choose to use our traditional, Internet or personal computer software, all account information is password protected. We assign a Company ID and Password only to individuals you authorize. The combination of the two unlocks your account information.

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